Are you projecting uncertainty and doubt to your customers with poor on-camera skills?

Selling On-Camera Master Class

Learn the same techniques actors use to project confidence and credibility on-camera to connect with customers and drive sales. 

FACT: Talking to a camera is an unnatural act
So don’t be surprised if you’re not good at it! Even actors have to learn techniques to transition successfully from live to on-camera performances.

Why do I need a master class?

Do you:

  • Project uncertainty and doubt instead of credibility and confidence?

  • Feel awkward and uncomfortable on-camera?

  • Have trouble acting “natural”?

  • Wonder where the heck you’re supposed to look?

  • Struggle with notes or presenting slides on-camera?

  • Understand what movements distract your customer?

  • Question your lighting, background or position on-camera?

  • Come across as low-energy?

STOP Practicing On Customers!

Too many salespeople struggle uncomfortably through video sales calls, not realizing that they are doing more damage than good. The Selling On-Camera Master Class provides the guidance and tools you need, through videos, guided exercises, resources, and optional feedback and coaching sessions to show up at your best for customers, and out-perform your competition.

What You’ll Learn

The Selling On-Camera Master Class provides the skills needed to master the art of connecting with your audience.

  • Create eye contact through the camera

  • Deliver your message naturally and impactfully on-camera

  • Appear confident and credible

  • Gesture and move within your “frame”

  • Read listener body language while staying attentive

  • Quickly create professional background and lighting

  • Increase audience interaction and responsiveness

  • Seamlessly transition between camera, notes and slides

  • Channel nerves into positive energy

  • Close more sales!

What’s included in the Selling On-Camera Master Class

The Master Class Video Series

10 videos with guided exercises to help you master the technique of selling on-camera.

The Selling On-Camera Cheat Sheet

Nine powerful tips to help you show up at your best for every video call.

Virtual Selling On-Camera Resource Guide

Cameras, lighting, background, microphones – what you really need to know and where to find it! 

Individual feedback

The optional Act 2 and Act 3 add-on includes a personalized 12-point evaluation of up to 10 minutes of your virtual pitch or presentation highlighting areas for improvement.

Live Virtual Coaching Sessions

The optional Act 3 add-on includes two 30-minute individual coaching sessions with Julie Hansen to apply all the skills and receive personalized feedback and recommendations. 

virtual selling on camera class directors chair

Special Pre-Launch Pricing!

Out-perform your competition – before they out-perform you by taking advantage of this limited pre-launch pricing!


  • The Full Master Class Video Series
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
remote selling on camera teams video training feedback


  • The Full Master Class Video Series 
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Personalized 12-point evaluation
    of you on-camera


  • The Full Master Class Video Series 
  • On-Camera Resource Guide
  • Personalized 12-point
    evaluation of you on-camera 
  • Live Virtual Coaching Session
    with Julie for final polishing! 
remote selling on camera teams video training


Is your team practicing on customers?
Put your team through the Full
Master Class Video Program and
let them practice and receive feedback
from Julie!

Julie Hansen virtual selling on camera expert
Meet Your Master Class Coach

Julie Hansen

Founder of Performance Sales and Training and the author of two sales books: Sales Presentations for Dummies and ACT Like a Sales Pro!

In addition to coaching thousands of sellers how to deliver winning presentations and demos, Julie also worked as a professional actor, and shares the on-camera techniques she used to win roles in dozens of commercials and television shows, including HBO’s Sex & The City.

Liz Heiman sales expert

"This is exactly what I needed. I am going to recommend this class to everyone who is uncomfortable on video."

Liz Heiman

Chief Sales Strategist, Alice Heiman LLC